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About Us

 We are two friends with a lifelong dream...

It all started over twelve years ago at a small Montessori School in metro Boston. where we worked as co-teachers bringing laughter and love to our classroom roles. The years following the births of our children were some of the busiest as we navigated lives as mothers, wives, and teachers.  One mama continued on as a classroom teacher turned Montessori school administrator while another worked hard as a mama bear to her four amazing children. 

After moving to the south shore area, A settled in and began putting down strong roots. H, land-locked in metro west Massachusetts, found an escape, joining A by the coast whenever she had a chance to sneak away. A love affair was born for the beauty of the sea and the quaintness of this coastal, seaside community known as Scituate.

With so few small, home-like Montessori school options in the area, we began chatting about the incredible possibility of starting our own community school. Cohasset was the perfect choice--a vibrant location with its downtown, shops, and beautiful historical buildings. Even better is our partnership with the Second Congregational Church with whom we will partner for the location of our dreams!


Our goal is simple-to provide a nurturing Montessori environment for young children ages 2.9-5.   After much dreaming, meeting, planning, and executing, we are so proud to announce our vision is now finding its reality and roots in downtown Cohasset at South Shore Montessori School.


We cannot wait to meet you!

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